Ever wish your customers could give you a big squeeze?

Brincatti® travel kits and full size bottles can be personalized and branded. Put your name on the bottle, and give guests a subtle reminder of your company, cause, or organization with each use.

Corporate Branding Made Simple

Promotional Gift Ideas | Branded Travel Kits | Brincatti - brin_recycleUsing Brincatti® shows that your company cares about the environment, and the easy-to-refill cap means your bottle will get reused for years to come – which means your name will be seen for years to come!

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The Promotional Gift that Travels the World

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Brincatti® Travel Kits are TSA approved worldwide for carry-on liquids.

The kits include:
  • (4) 3oz. wide mouth, easy-fill bottles
  • (3) flip tops
  • (1) sprayer
  • Full set of adhesive labels
  • Quart size zip lock vinyl bag

Order Information

For Fully Branded Kits:
  • Includes 1 color company logo on all bottles.
  • Includes choice of color for bag trim and caps.
  • Includes 4 color custom insert with your brand and messaging.
For Private Label Kits:
  • Minimium orders start at just 1 case (50 kits).
  • Kits come with black trim & black caps.
  • Brincatti insert or your own custom insert.
  • Note:  bottles can be screened with your company logo.