Pump up the volume, not your travel bottle.

Drop a pretty penny on that hairstyle? Don't wreck it with "I'll buy it when I get there" shampoo. You’ve got your dream team of brands – take them with you!

4 bottle travel kit with travel bag:

Pack faster with Brincatti!

Refillable Travel Bottles | Brincatti - brin_travelpackage
Brincatti® travel bottles are easy to refill. No need to pump the bulk bottle 100 times. Just open the cap, pour in your favorite brand, and go print your boarding pass.
Speaking of boarding, Brincatti® travel bottles are TSA approved, helping you sail through security like nobody’s business.

Benefits of traveling with Brincatti

  • Travel kit passes through TSA checkpoints safe for air travel.
  • Easily pack the travel kit in any carry on.
  • The travel kit is leak proof.  No more bottle mishaps.  No more lotion all over the inside of your bag.
  • You can take your favorite shampoos, conditioners, lotions, hair sprays and more with you.
  • Reduce waste by eliminating disposal plastic products.